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What is Nagios?
          Nagios is a open source software to monitor the Computer , it will install on Linux Operating System and monitor the servers running on Linux, Unix, Windows Operating system. Nagios Software runs periodic checks on critical parameters of application, Network, server resources like filesystem, storage Capacity, CPU, Memory usage of the servers. 
Why Continues monitoring is essential in DevOps ?
In any organization the server's health monitoring is essential in ensuring System Availability and reduce the negative impact on business productivity which is very important in DevOps. it alerts the System Administrators about the probem beforehand to prevent the System failures due to Hardware Failure, Disk space full, network failuresrs,high CPU utilization etc., high memory utilization.

what are the features of Nagios ?
   Nagios is widly using in DevOps due to its Features.

  • Continues application monitoring, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics and infrastructure          components with a single tool

  • its having Powerful script APIs allow for easy monitoring on custom applications, services, and systems.

  • it identifies the known issues and problem response event handlers allow automatic restart of failed applications and services  

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